Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) gives the Lancer Evolution unparalleled levels of handling and traction. A combination of Mitsubishi's All-Wheel Control and Active Yaw Control (AYC), S-AWC directs engine torque to the outside or inside rear wheels depending on available traction, meaning the wheels with the most grip on the road receive the most power. In addition, the Active Center Differential (ACD) has three driver-selectable modes - tarmac, gravel, snow - allowing the S-AWC system to adapt to various driving surfaces on your command. The result is unheard-of levels of cornering, near-telepathic control, and a whole new kind of confidence in practically any weather or road condition.


Consisting of aluminum front fenders with air outlets, an aluminum hood with air vents and an aluminum roof panel, these strong yet lightweight body panels lower both the Lancer Evolution's body weight and its center of gravity for improved weight distribution, balance and handling. Plus, the vented hood and front fenders work together to pull heat from the engine compartment, which optimizes cooling and performance. So they not only look cool, they help the Evolution keep its cool-even in the most demanding conditions.


Active Yaw Control (AYC) varies engine torque between the left and right rear wheels to give the Lancer Evolution precise traction and handling in just about any condition. Utilizing numerous vehicle sensors to detect cornering speed, lateral acceleration, steering angle and more, AYC instantly directs torque to the rear wheels with the most traction at any given moment for unparalleled cornering, acceleration, performance and control.


Combining a 2.0-liter all-aluminum block and head with a powerful turbocharger and advanced MIVEC technology, the Lancer Evolution boasts 291 horsepower and the kind of performance that eats bigger, thirstier V6s for breakfast.


The Lancer Evolution lives and breathes performance with a turbocharged 291-hp MIVEC engine, Super All-Wheel Control, Brembo® brakes and more. Add to that the available Twin Clutch Sportronic® Shift Transmission, and this is one performance combo that's hard to beat.


Twin Clutch Sportronic® Shift Transmission provides connectivity and the power efficiency of a manual gearbox along with remarkably smooth, quick automatic shifting. Choose from Normal, Sport or S-Sport or take full control using the sequential shifter or paddle shifters. Lancer Evolution MR only.

1 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Excludes destination/handling, tax, title, license etc. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. See your Mitsubishi retailer for details.

2 Legal Disclaimer:
*i-MIEV MSRP is $22,995
$7,500 Less Federal tax credit
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Excludes destination/handling, tax, title, license etc. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. Includes CHAdeMO DC quick-charge port, battery warming system and heated side-view mirrors. See your Mitsubishi retailer for details. Destination/handling charges for Mitsubishi i-MiEV $850; Alaska/Hawaii $975. Tax savings subject to rules and availability. Taxpayer must incur federal tax liability to receive full benefit. Consult your tax professional. Actual prices set by retailer.