Driver using the My Mitsubishi Connect app to Smart Remote Start a Mitsubishi SUV



Get alerts, monitor driving activity, and track the location of your vehicle with your smartphone and the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ app.

What Is a Connected Car?

A connected car is a vehicle with technology that allows you to access the internet that’s also connected to your smartphone. This gives you easy access to vehicle information, so you can remotely monitor your car’s activity whether you’re at home or on the road.


My MITSUBISHI CONNECTis a secure and convenient way to access a group of advanced remote and safeguard services via your smartphone. This easy-to-use app can be downloaded to your Apple or Android device. The app includes:

  • Smart Remote Start
  • Remote Charge Scheduler
  • Remote Car Finder
  • Remote Climate Control Start
  • Remote Dealer Services Scheduler

You can also access safety services like Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, and Roadside Assistance.

Connection When You Need It, Convenience When You Want It

Download the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ app to your smartphone to experience first-class, on-the-go convenience. Whether you want to check your range, pre-set the cabin temperature, or schedule your next charge, My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ is there to help.

Safeguard Package

Get a package of advanced services like SOS Emergency Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision Notification, and so much more.


Remote Package

Get the remote package to enjoy great features like Remote Start/Stop, Remote Climate, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Vehicle Status, and more.

Available myQ® Connected Garage

Enjoy the convenience of garage control from your in-dash touchscreen with available myQ® Connected Garage.

How the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ App Works With Your Outlander

See all the possibilities with My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™.

Remote Start and Remote Climate

Remote Start allows you to start your Eclipse Cross’ engine from a distance or from inside your home. Meanwhile, Remote Climate gives you an opportunity to warm up or cool down your Outlander as the weather changes.


Dealer Services

The Dealer Services option allows you to locate participating dealerships nearby so you can schedule an appointment for your vehicle.


Remote Climate Control Start

If you need to override the Climate Control Scheduler and pre-condition your 2024 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid immediately, Remote Climate Control Start lets you control the interior temperature with the touch of a button.

Remote Charge Scheduler

Set your 2023 or 2024 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid to charge with the Remote Charge Scheduler. Using your app or system touchscreen, this feature allows you to set a timer and charge your battery during off-peak hours.

Schedule a Remote Charge From Your Phone

Use the My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ app to make charging more convenient.

Models With Connected Car Services

- MY18-23 Eclipse Cross: SE, SEL trims only

- MY24 Eclipse Cross: LE, SE, SEL trims only

- MY22 Outlander: Not available for ES, Standard for all other trims

- MY23 Outlander & MY23 Plug-in Hybrid: All trims

- MY24 Outlander & MY24 Plug-in Hybrid: All trims

Take the Next Step in Discovering Your Ride

Owner’s Portal

Once you’ve set up your My MITSUBISHI CONNECT™ app, sign up for the Owner’s Portal to enhance your ownership experience. Features on the portal help you keep track of your vehicle’s service history, explore Mitsubishi products and services, and even offers some helpful how-to videos. Click through and head to Log In to start the process.