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Mitsubishi’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Discover the positive impacts Mitsubishi Motors is making to communities and causes across the country.

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RALLIART Returns in a Limited Edition Trim

For over six decades, Mitsubishi Motors has built a winning track record in motorsports. With rousing victories in some of the toughest rallies in the world, the expertise we’ve gained along the way has not only led to the innovative technologies built into the car you drive — it’s helped us design what we believe are the best-looking cars on the road today.

And what better way to celebrate this rich motorsports heritage than with a rally-inspired trim? Making a special, limited appearance, the RALLIART edition brings all the thrills and excitement of the rally course to you in exclusive styling that symbolizes perfectly the competitive spirit that drives us.

40 Years of Excellence in a Limited Edition Trim

We’ve done a lot in the four decades we’ve been in North America. Like pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, comfort, and style. Building eco-conscious vehicles for a healthier planet. And perfecting Monozukuri, the Japanese art of craftsmanship, dedication, and attention to detail.

That’s a lot to celebrate. That’s why we created the 40th Anniversary Special Edition. Explore this exclusive trim and read on to learn more about the 40 years of innovation that led to it.

Power and Presence Gets Praise

The Mitsubishi Outlander is on everyone’s lips. See why it’s getting top scores with drivers.

Up to Speed Facts

Self Care

Maintenance means more than looking after your car. A vehicle is more than the sum of its parts. Look after it, and it'll look after you. A vehicle is more than the sum of its parts. Look after it, and it'll look after you.

Mitsubishi Military Rebate Program

Explore Mitsubishi's Military Discount Offers. We're proud to offer you the Mitsubishi Military Rebate - up to $750 discount on select Mitsubishi vehicles.

i-MiEV History Page: 2009-2017

A decade since its release, rediscover the legacy of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. See how Mitsubishi's innovative i-MiEV Electric Car helped inspire today's EV market.

Crossovers vs. SUV

Compare the differences between two of our most popular body styles.

Lancer History: 1973-2017

Performance heritage that lives on. The first generation Mitsubishi Lancer was introduced on the world stage in 1973.

Mitsubishi Eclipse: 1990-2012

A timeline of our iconic sport coupe.

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