Looking to level up your 2023 Eclipse Cross? Browse the full range of official accessories below.


Exterior Accessories

Fork Mount Bike Carrier


Hit the road to the great outdoors with your bicycles safely secured on the roof of your Eclipse Cross with this easy-to-install fork mount bike carrier.

Upright Mount Bike Carrier


Planning a biking trip? Travel with your bicycles safely secured on the roof of your Eclipse Cross with this easy-to-install upright mount bike carrier.

Body Side Graphics


Give your Eclipse Cross a sporty custom look with the "Eclipse Cross" body side graphics.

Cargo Management System


Small objects, large objects and everything in-between. The Cargo Management System has been designed to prevent your belongings from moving & shifting in-transit. Collapsible, durable and portable. Also includes 4 re-usable grocery tote bags.

Cargo Mat, Reversible Carpet / Rubber


Make it easy to clean and protect your trunk with a durable, reversible carpet / rubber cargo mat. Included with your new Eclipse, invest in a second to always have a fresh clean mat.

Cargo Net


Secure small, rolling items in the cargo compartment with this handy cargo net. Mounts to the rear of the cargo area also helping to keep items from sliding out when hatch is opened.

Cargo Scuff Plates


Extend the protection for your cargo space with these durable and clean looking metal scuff plates for the cargo hatch.

Cargo Tray, All Weather


Contain cargo area dirt and spills with this tough rubber tray with raised edges and featuring the Mitsubishi logo.

Cigar Lighter


Simple, traditional cigar lighter.

Crossbars, for without Roof Rails


Don't let outsized objects be a challenge, equip your new Eclipse Cross with genuine crossbars to put that roof space to use. (for ES, ES Pkg, LE, SE, SEL without Pano Sunroof only).

Crossbars, for with Roof Rails


Put your factory roof rails to work with easy to use crossbars, enabling use of a variety of roof mounting products. (for SE & SEL with Pano Sunroof only).

Door Handle Trim, Chrome


Add a distinctive touch of class with chrome door handle trim.

Door Handle Trim, Black


Enhance your Eclipse Cross with sylish black door handle trim.

Door Switch Accents, Black


Style and class for your Eclipse Cross interior with these gloss black door switch panel accents (Note: part number differs based on model)

Floor Illumination, Blue LED


Blue LEDs installed under the dash gives cool mood to your Eclipse Cross interior.

Floor Mats, All Weather


Protect your Eclipse Cross from rain, snow and mud with these easy-to-clean rubber floor mats.

Floor Mats, Carpet


Every new Mitsubishi comes with a set of carpet floor mats, but you can always add a set to rotate for cleaning or replace when 'Murphy's Law' strikes.

Front Effect, Black w/ Red Stripe


Sporty front ground effect in black with red stripe can help set your Eclipse Cross ahead of the pack.

Front Effect, Silver


Add this classy silver, front ground effect for that extra bling on the front.

Hood Emblem, Black


The black Eclipse Cross hood badge adds a bold distinction to your new cross over.

Hood Emblem, Chrome


Our chrome hood badge will give your Eclipse Cross that elegant tone right from the front.

Hood Protector


Protect your hood from flying stones and other road debris with our smoke tinted, aerodynamic, custom fit hood protector.

LED Light Bulb, Dome


Enhance the lighting of your map lights with bright, clean LED bulbs.

LED Light Bulb, Map & Dome


See more clearly by upgrading your dome light with an LED bulb.

License Plate Frame, Black


Show your pride of ownership with a sporty black-plated brass Mitsubishi Motors license plate frame.

License Plate Frame, Chrome


The chrome-plated brass Mitsubishi Motors license plate frame delivers a lasting classy touch to your new Eclipse Cross.

Lug Nut Set, Black


Our black lug nut set gives your new wheels a sporty, clean look. Set includes 5 wheel lugs for one wheel.

Mud Guards, Front


Keep the muck & mud at bay with these subtle, effective mud guards for the front wheel well.

Mud Guards, Rear


The rear mud guards for your Eclipse Cross will help keep the back quarter cleaner and protect from nicks and dings from the small rocks on every road.

Rear & Corner Effects, Black w/ Red Stripe


Your friends will be impressed with this sporty effects package on your new Eclipse Cross.

Rear & Corner Effects, Silver


Leave them wanting more as you pass by in your new Eclipse Cross with these classy silver rear & corner effects.

Rear Bumper Protector


This carbon patterned protector adds sure protection for your Eclipse Cross rear bumper from scuffs and scrapes.

Rear Parking Assist System


Back up with confidence. These sensors can detect objects less than four feet away. If they find one while in reverse, the system emits a series of beeps that get faster as you move closer. If you are within a foot, the beeps change to a steady tone.

Roadside Assistance Kit


Be prepared for an unforeseen roadside emergency with the Roadside Assistance Kit in a carry case. Contains jumper cables, tools, reflective triangle, and many other key items.

Scuff Plates


These sproty scuff plates help protect your door sills from taking a beating and add a bit of character to your Eclipse Cr

Scuff Plates w/ LED Illumination


These illuminated protectors, accent & help protect your Eclipse Cross door sills in a sophisticated and elegant package.

Seat Back Net


Contain those small items, tucked up against the front of the cargo area, just behind the rear seats.

Side Effects, Black w/ Red Stripe


Dual side ground effects in black with red stripe, give a sporty kick to your new Mitsubishi.

Side Effects, Silver


Notch up the envy from your friends and neighbors with this classy silver side effect.

Side Mirror Covers, Carbon


Hit that bold, sporty look with these carbon pattern mirror covers.

Side Mirror Covers, Chrome


Step up the bling on your Eclipse Cross with this sophisticated chrome side mirror cover set.

Snowboard & Ski Carrier


Put those crossbars to use with an awesome snowboard and ski roof carrier.



Add aggresive angles that further compliment the body lines of your Eclipse Cross with this body colored roof spoiler.

Sports Pedals


Keep the muck & mud at bay with these subtle, effective mud guards for the front and rear wheel wells.

Tailgate Lamp, LED


Improve cargo area illumination with our LED tailgate lamp.

Tailgate Lip


Add an aggressive look to your Eclipse Cross with the Tailgate Lip.

Tonneau Cover


Keep your cargo area under wraps with a tonneau cover. Standard on all except ES models.

Touch Up Paint Pen


You never know when you might get that shopping cart ding. Quickly fix it with factory matched paint pen, with paint and clear coat. Included with your new Mitsubishi Eclipse, add on an additional one whenever you need.

Tow Hitch & Wire Harness


Expand your cargo carrying options with a factory fit and finished tow hitch for those weekend jobs and hobbies. (Note hitch & harness sold seperately - MSRP reflects both items together).

Utility / Ash Cup


Whether you use for ashes or coins, the utility cup with hinged lid is a great accessory to add any time.

Wheel Locks & Lugs Set, Black


Subtle but stylish alternative to chrome locks & lugs to help protect your investment from unwanted tampering. Includes 4 black wheel locks, 16 black lugs, key socket, & pouch.

Wheel Locks Set, Chrome


Be sure to add these essential wheel lug locks to reduce the chance for undesired wheel removals. Set includes 4 chrome wheel locks, key socket & pouch.

Wind Deflectors


Keep rain out but let fresh air in with custom fit smoke tinted, wind deflectors for your side windows.