From roof racks for weekend getaways to decals and performance mods for even more power and style, the 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage has a full line of accessories you can explore.

Front Corner Effects (Body Color)


Extend the sporty look of your Mirage with these color matched front corner effects.

Side Effects, Carbon with Red Stripe (Body Color)


Body color matched side effects draw the eye and make your new car pop - don't drive off without them!

Front Lower Trim, Carbon with Red Stripe


Kick up the sporty appearance of your Mirage with this lower front trim with carbon pattern & red stripe.

Rear Corner Effects, Carbon with Red Stripe (Body Color)


Complete your sporty ride with these dynamic rear corner effects, matched to your vehicle body color.

Front Lower Trim, Carbon with Silver Stripe


This carbon pattern with silver stripe front lower trim will add more style and personalization to your new Mirage.

B-Pillar Graphic, Carbon Pattern


These custom carbon pattern graphics look great and will set your Mirage apart from the pack.

Center Console & AC Vent Trim, Carbon


Enhance your center console with this cool carbon pattern trim and matching AC vent trim rings.

Center Console & AC Vent Trim, Black


Enhance your center console with this slick balck trim and matching AC vent trim rings.

Center Console & AC Vent Trim, Red


Enhance your center console with this bold red trim and matching AC vent trim rings.

Floor Illumination, Blue


Blue LEDs installed under the dash adds a playful, yet useful element to your interior floor board.

Center Console Illumination


Illuminate the center console with this clean blue LED lighting.

Center Console with Armrest


Gain some storage and some comfort with this center console armrest.

Side Mirror Covers, for w/ Turn Signal Chrome


Step up the bling on your new car with a chrome mirror cover. For vehicles without turn signal on mirror.

Side Mirror Covers, for w/o Turn Signal Chrome


Step up the bling on your new car with a chrome mirror cover. For vehicles with turn signal on mirror.

Exhaust Tip Trim, Chrome


Add this splash of chrome flash to your exhaust, sure to catch the eye!

Headlight Trim, Chrome


Make those headlights pop with these fun chrome headlight accents.

Taillight Trim, Chrome


Trim out the tail lights with these cool chrome accent pieces.

Tailgate Trim, Chrome


Protect and dress up the rear lip of your tailgate with this chrome trim.

Gauge Bezel Trim, Chrome


Bring some of that chrome outside, to the inside with a distinct looking gauge bezel accent.

Shift Knob, Aluminum & Leather


Shift to sport mode with this classy edition shift knob.

Scuff Plates, Metal MIRAGE


These distinct scuff plates look great and protect your car from the in and out of a busy life.

Rear Bumper Protector, Steel


Protect your rear bumper from in & out cargo with this custom fit rear bumper protector.

Mud Guards, Front


Protect your new Mitsubishi from rocks, road tar, and mud with these practical mud guards. Front pair only, Rear pair sold separately.

Mud Guards, Rear


Protect your new Mitsubishi from rocks, road tar, and mud with these practical mud guards. Rear pair only, Front pair sold separately.

Wheel Locks Set, Chrome (4 Wheels)


Wheel locks will help make sure your alloy wheels stay put whenever you park your new Mitsubishi.

Wheel Locks & Lugs Set, Black (4 Wheels)


Add an aggressive appearance to your Mitsubishi with these black wheel locks and lug nuts. Wheel locks will help secure your investment.

Hood Protector


Protect your hood from flying stones and other road debris with a factory fit hood protector.

Window Deflectors


Like driving with your windows down without getting whipped with wind? These side window air deflectors reduce the amount of airflow, resulting in less wind and noise.

Body Side Molding (Body Color)


Defend your door from other doors and shopping carts with color matched body side moldings.

Cargo Mat, Carpet


Protect the cargo area of your new car with this custom fit carpeted cargo mat.

Cargo Tray, All-Weather


Don't be afraid to get out and enjoy the outdoors, you can protect your cargo area for the dirt with our made to fit cargo tray.

Floor Mats, All-Weather


Your new Mitsubishi will take you places, be ready with rugged, all-weather floor mats.

Floor Mats, Carpet


Every new Mitsubishi comes with our durable carpeted floor mats. Want another set to rotate?

Cargo Management System


Small objects, large objects and everything in-between. The Cargo Management System has been designed to prevent your belongings from moving & shifting in-transit. Collapsible, durable and portable. Also includes 4 re-usable grocery tote bags. (additional bags available)

Roadside Assistance Kit


Be prepared for an unforeseen roadside emergency with the Roadside Assistance Kit in a carry case. Contains jumper cables, tools, reflective triangle, and many other key items.

LED Light Bulb


Step up the lights in your cabin to LED. Clear, bright white light.

Parking Assist Sensors, Front & Rear (Body Color)


Maneuver with confidence in tight spaces. These sensors detect front and rear objects and alert you to the need to stop before its too late. Color matched to your car. Requires ECU & Switch Kit.

Parking Assist System Switch Kit


Switch kit for Park Sensor System. Requires Parking Sensors & Switch Kit.

Remote Engine Start System


Live where it's too hot or cold for comfort? With remote engine start, you can bring your interior to the perfect temperature before you get in.

Fog Lights, Halogen


Get a clear vision in foggy conditions with these efficient halogen fog lights.

Fog Lights, LED


This LED fog light kit will help light the way in those dark and misty conditions.

Cargo Net


Always a must, add some simple cargo management with our fitted cargo net.

Tonneau Cover


This custom-fit cover slides over the cargo area to keep items out of view from passersby. When you don't need it, the cover rolls back into a concealed position behind the back seat.



Show your pride in your new ride with this distinct key ring.

License Plate Frame, MITSUBISHI Black


Frame your plate with the pride of Mitsubishi ownership with a genunine black metal plate frame.

License Plate Frame, MITSUBISHI Chrome


Frame your plate with the pride of Mitsubishi ownership with a genuine chrome metal plate frame.

License Plate Frame, MIRAGE Chrome


Don't put just a plain plate on that new car! Dress it up with our Mirage frame!



No roof rails? That is ok you can still put that space above to work with these crossbars for vehicles without roof rails. Then add bike, ski, and cargo carriers easily and quickly.

Bike Carrier, Upright Mount


Securely transport your bike(s) on your roof with this upright style mount.

Alloy Wheel


Personalize your new ride with these sporty alloy wheels.

Cigar Lighter


Still enjoy a good smoke? You'll want our lighter accessory to keep you satisfied.

Utility / Ash Cup


Use our utility / ash cup to put that empty cup holder to use.

Utility / Ash Cup w/ LED


Turn the standard console cup holder into a convenient utility cup or ash tray with LED illumination.