2024 Mitsubishi Mirage Compact Hatchback touchscreen display


The 2024 Mitsubishi Mirage keeps you connected with advanced technology so you can access your apps, take calls, and jam to your playlist while keeping your eyes on the road.

Plug in and Relax

With the latest technology at your side, you can stay conveniently connected on the road while you enjoy all the comfort of the 2024 Mirage’s spacious interior.

Android Auto™

Plug your smartphone into the 2024 Mirage’s display and your compatible Android™ apps will appear on the dashboard. While your vehicle is safely parked, you can dictate and send texts, tap the map for directions, and even place calls to family and friends.

Apple CarPlay®

Put your smartphone to work and play with Apple CarPlay®. Plug in and get detailed map directions, listen to your favorite podcasts, make calls, and more. Your drive has never been as smart or connected.

FAST-Key and Push-Button Start

Unlock the 2024 Mirage, start the engine, and hit the road with the available FAST-Key system. Pair it with convenient, available push-button start, and you’ve made “get up and go” even more effortless.

Smartphone Compatibilities

Going hands-free is a smart and safe way to stay connected while driving. With the 2024 Mirage’s smartphone compatibility, you can use GPS, dictate texts, make calls, and enjoy your favorite road trip playlist.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Standard Bluetooth® wireless technology makes it easy to connect your smartphone to the 2024 Mirage and most streaming devices, so all your favorite playlists are at your fingertips.

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